Lake Bunyonyi, 8/17 – 8/23

We were happy to make it to Kabale to say the least after the worst bus ride ever. With little patience for the touts, we packed up and got as far away from the bus as we could. We had our arrangements in order to get to Lake Bunyonyi in a private hire taxi. We ate a quick breakfast, stocked up on water and hit the road.

We started to climb the curvy road as the scenery turned from flat and brown to mountainous and green. Feeling the angst of the bus ride melt away, we were ready for some relaxing lake time. We showed up at the camp resort and felt like we had left Africa altogether and ended up at an international national park. This place was HUGE with all sorts of camping options, canoes, diving boards, and beers. It had more of a spring break vacation, complete with drunken Dutch guys jumping into the lake at 3 am and waking everyone up. We got a safari tent, a bottle of wine, and nice seat at the lake to enjoy dinner. I made the decision (only slightly influenced by the empty bottle of wine) to purchase a huge African mask complete with the commitment to lug it around for the next four weeks. We capped off the night with a brilliant view of the stars and some tunes.

The next day I shot back to Kabale to stock up on groceries and money, which we forgot to get in our early morning hell bus confusion. As the third person on our motorcycle, I was impressed as we were passed by one carrying four people. In town I picked up four pineapples at a cost of about a $1.50 (score!) We decided pineapple will be one of the most missed things in Uganda. We regrouped and took a boat to one of the islands of Lake Bunyonyi, where we were staying for the next 5 nights. Our arrival was extra special since our friends Annie and Steve (who we met in Lamu) were there waiting for us to crack open a warm beer (refrigeration is hard to come by in Africa and definitely non-existent on the island).

We settled into the island style, and we definitely enjoyed spending time with them since we were both tired of hearing our own voices…and occasionally, each other’s. It turned up to be a wonderful night of stars, beers, catching up on each other’s latest adventures, listening to and singing our new favorite song, ghosts, playing cards, and the many reasons we should travel to India.

Waking up to sunshine and a view of the lake was the perfect start to the day, as was sleeping in laaaaaate. We were happy to find out the less-than-welcome bat we had shared our geodome with had packed up and left. We had the late morning to drink instant coffee and soak in the serenity. Once boredom finally set in, we ventured the length of the island, made some local friends, and saw where the crayfish we were eating came from. (The restaurant had AMAZING food! Crayfish avocado and the vegetarian chili have made the top 20 dishes in Africa list)

We were worried the little island might feel claustrophobic, but easing into doing nothing but enjoying the scenery and good company wasn’t hard. When that got boring, Elizabeth and I tried canoeing twice, but let’s just say we weren’t exactly “good” at a “team” sport and tears may or may not have been shed at the prospect of being too far from home as the sun went down, so twice was enough. More than enough.

Five days with friends flew by, as we tried not to think too much about having to go our separate ways soon. We felt so grateful to have met such cool people, so we knew we were going to miss them when that time came! Luckily, they were coming with us to Kisoro to see the gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park! Wahooooooooo!!!!!!

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